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How long will it be before I can drive my car again?

Depending on whether your windscreen is being replaced or repaired, the time we need with your vehicle varies.  However, your vehicle can usually be driven within an hour of windscreen replacement or immediately following a chip repair.

Do different windscreens have different costs?

The cost of a windscreen replacement depends on the brand of your vehicle and which windscreen is being replacement. In general, side and rear windows cost more than windshields. In addition it price depends on whether calibration is required. Regardless of which windscreen is being replaced at Avanti Auto Glass we provide competitive and affordable pricing.

Do your windscreens have a lifetime warranty?

Windscreens are fragile and can easily be damaged.  We cannot provide a lifetime guarantee on the product. However, at Avanti Auto Glass our fitters are professionally and extensively trained  so we can provide a life time warranty on our workmanship.